College is a big step. Find out if you're really ready.
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The truth is, over half of high school students don't feel prepared for college. Are you one of them?

I know why I'm going to college and I'm excited about it.

I know how to do my own laundry. And fold it (even the fitted sheets).

I have thought a lot about what I might want to major in.

I feel confident standing up to peer pressure.

I feel comfortable living away from home, friends, and family.

I know what is important and I am good at setting priorities.

I'm well organized and can juggle a lot at once.

When I set a goal, I know how to achieve it.

When I need help, I seek it quickly.

I’m comfortable doing my own thing (even if everyone else does it differently).

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It look like you're not ready for college yet :(
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You seem pretty ready for college. We think that you could use a little more information before you get started.
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